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IVI Foundation Releases the AC Power Instrument Class

By: IVI Foundation

Niwot, CO – April 24, 2013 – The IVI Foundation announces the release of the AC Power instrument class. This specification describes the IVI class of drivers for AC power sources. The “IviACPwr” class is designed to support the typical single or multi-phase AC power source as well as common extended functionality found in more complex instruments.

The specification is divided into various groups that support a number of capabilities in AC power sources, such as:

• Configuring the instrument for basic signal output.
• Ability to measure AC power source output signals such as voltage and current.
• Ability to set the output phase relationships of a multiphase power source.
• Ability to synchronize the power source output frequency with an external signal.
• Providing programmable current protection to detect an over-current condition and automatically disable the output, and allowing the querying of the current protection state of the power source.
• Providing programmable voltage protection to detect an under/over voltage condition and automatically to disable the output, and allowing the querying of the voltage protection state of the power source.
• The ability to create user-defined arbitrary waveforms.
• The ability to set and query the power source output impedance. With this extension, the driver can configure the power source output resistance and inductance.

In addition to interchangeability, one of the most compelling benefits of IVI drivers is the ability to create a single driver that provides end users a first class experience in nearly all major development environments including Microsoft Visual Basic, C++, and C#; MathWorks MATLAB®; NI LabVIEW® and LabWindows/CVI®; and Agilent VEE®.

The IVI Foundation also brings together some of the biggest names in the industry to ensure that IVI drivers continue to work well in the face of rapidly evolving software, such as new versions of LabVIEW®, Visual Studio®, 64-bit operating systems, .NET, Windows 7®, and Windows 8®.

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