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IVI Foundation Recognizes Members’ Intellectual Property Contributions


The IVI Foundation specifications require a set of software shared components that the Foundation owns and distributes. By having these common shared components, the IVI specifications enable multi-vendor interoperability when using IVI drivers. The IVI Foundation relied on its members to write the software shared components and license copyrights and any other intellectual property required to use the resulting components. “The IVI Foundation is grateful for the contributions of all its members, but especially those contributing valuable intellectual property,” said Joe Mueller, President of the IVI Foundation. “Without these contributions, we would not have been able to achieve our goals of instrument interchangeability and true multi-vendor software interoperability.” National Instruments licensed 5 United States Patents related to IVI, the IVI trademark, and the following software components and their corresponding copyrights: IVI C Shared Components, IVI Shared Component Installer, IVI Shared Component Cleanup Utility, and VISA COM I/O Global Resource Manager and Conflict Manager. Agilent Technologies licensed the IVI Configuration Server, IVI Event Server, and VISA COM Formatted I/O Manager software components and the corresponding copyrights. Racal Instruments licensed the IVI COM Session Factory shared component and the corresponding copyright. About the IVI Foundation The IVI Foundation was formed in 1998 and officially incorporated in 2001. With the IVI Foundation standard instrument driver specifications, engineers can swap instruments without recompiling software, resulting in significant savings in time and money. The IVI Foundation’s membership includes end-users, major instrument and software vendors, and system suppliers and integrators who are dedicated to defining software standards for instrument interchangeability. The foundation’s board of directors is comprised of representatives from the following 10 companies: Agilent Technologies, Keithley Instruments, National Instruments, Pacific MindWorks, Racal Instruments, Rohde & Schwarz, Tektronix, Teradyne, TYX Corp., and Vektrex Electronic Systems. For a complete membership roster and the foundation’s charter, please refer to the IVI Foundation’s website at If you would like more information, please contact Fred Bode at the IVI Foundation offices at 619-297-1024, or by e-mail to


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