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IVI Foundation Announces Online List of IVI Drivers


SAN DIEGO, California – The IVI Foundation today announced the release of a comprehensive online list of IVI drivers. Found at, this list provides information on more than 100 IVI drivers available for download from various instrument and software vendors’ Web sites. These drivers provide support for hundreds of commonly used test instruments.

Although the drivers themselves are available from each individual member’s Web site, all registered driver information is stored in a central database that is available for browsing on the IVI Foundation’s Web site. This central registry makes it easy for users to locate and compare driver features without actually downloading and installing the drivers.

The IVI Foundation online driver list provides driver users with basic information about the driver such as the type of driver, driver module name, driver version number, instrument models supported, and a Web link for more information. In addition, each entry in the list includes a conformance document that provides additional detail about the driver.

About the IVI Foundation

The IVI Foundation was formed in 1998 and officially incorporated in 2001. With the IVI Foundation standard instrument driver specifications, engineers can swap instruments without recompiling software, resulting in significant savings in time and money. The IVI Foundation’s membership includes end-users, major instrument and software vendors, and system suppliers and integrators who are dedicated to defining software standards for instrument interchangeability. For a complete membership roster and the foundation’s charter, please refer to the IVI Foundation’s website at

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